Thursday Morning Early

Another nice early morning run (3:21 AM). I saw fewer than 10 cars on this one and ran under a perfectly clear sky lit by a very bright moon to the west. This caps a PR for monthly mileage at 286.76 miles, 11+ miles longer than the previous PR.

The Quiet Quilt

Time: 57:45 | Miles: 6.01 | Pace: 9:37 | Cadence: 160 | Avg HR: 115 | Max HR: 123 | Calories: 532 | Temp: 48 | Wind: 5 E | Humidity: 96% | Garmin Link

This was another easy early morning run in a very quiet Iowa City – me and twenty-five cars.

Though I thought it might be a run in the rain, the weather gods spared me. It stopped raining just before I stepped out the door and started again right after I got home.

As much as I love the early morning runs, they’re never easy. I head out the door on a glass of water and a banana, so I’m not particularly well-fueled. The Thursday morning runs usually follow pretty quickly on the heels of Wednesday quality runs. Though I did go fourteen under 9:00 per mile last night, it wasn’t a hard quality run.

However, this one did feel like a continuation of last night’s run. My legs were stiff, especially the quads. I felt a small twinge in the left achilles, though it wasn’t painful and went away in less than a block. It didn’t seem as though my hip flexors had recovered at all from the Wednesday long run. So, the physical element of the run, much like the other early mornings, wasn’t all that great.

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