First Workout

I got the first speed workout in last night at the Cretzmeyer Track. In drizzle, then light snow, then drizzle again, I had a productive 9-miler.

The plan was 1.5 mi warmup @ 9:41 + 12x ([400m @ 7:21] + [400m recov @ 10:21]) + 1.5 mi cooldown @ 9:41. I made all but the first speed interval and went 8:54/mi for the workout.

As usual, I started dreading the run around 2:00 pm. 12 intervals seems like a huge deal. And, the weather, though warm, was less than optimal. But, I’ve been through this before. Deep down, I knew the workout wouldn’t be as hard as it looks on paper. Sure enough, I ran the first part of the first interval at faster than the planned pace. That’s how I like it – a need to slow down rather than speed it up.

The left rectus femoris was a bit of a problem, again. That’s been the case for a few weeks. It’s a twofold problem: the muscle itself is sore, and it refers pain into the back of the knee. I’ve been working the trigger point with The Stick to good effect. But, for all the goodness of massage, the problem still hasn’t completely cleared up. I need to stay on it nightly and the slight pain will go away.

This was the first time at Cretzmeyer, too. I know these workouts are a better experience with sunshine and temps in the 60s. But, running them on a track does make the hard work a little more tolerable.

So, it actually feels now like I’m in training again. I have five more of these workouts on the calendar before I roll over to strength work in February.

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