Before the Sun

Quad Cities ‘17, Week 8, Speed
3:43 AM, 72°, 81%, 6 mph SE
Nike Free RN Distance Shield Blue (274.5)
1:13:27, 9:04
Plan: 2mi WU @ 9:31-10:31, 3x 1600m @ 7:03-7:21 w/600m recov @ 10:11-10:21, 2 mi CD @ 9:31-10:31
☆ ☆ ☆

Up before the sun to beat temps in the upper 80s later in the day.

Missed the middle 2 non-heat-adjusted interval paces, but just by a few seconds. Made all heat-adjusted paces easily.

The first interval seemed impossibly fast. That’s often the case, so I wasn’t surprised. I buckled down, believing that if I got through it, I’d be good to go on the other 2 intervals.

Didn’t have any physical issues, but did take 2 ibu when I got up at 2:30. That probably kept the normal rectus femoris and IT band issues at bay.

Spent some time in the middle and last intervals focused on increasing cadence and proper form. That was to reduce the stress of the intervals. Don’t feel like I really accomplished that. I also spent some time trying to apply mindfulness, focusing on the feel of the legs swinging and the feet pounding the ground. Did spend a few minutes in the focus exercise of moving a sensation from the feet to above the head, but that wasn’t really helpful. I couldn’t really get locked in on that sensation during a run.

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