My fifties have been pretty good to me.

“Hundo Head” is the follow-on to “Running to Boston,” the blog intended to document my path to the 2016 and 2017 Boston Marathons, at 55 and 56 years old.

I qualified for Boston three times, ran and finished twice. It would have been hard to predict that I felt a little let down when the goals were achieved. The race was everything it’s cracked up to be, and more. Definitely the experience of a lifetime. But, I’d been hard in pursuit of Boston for several years. When the goal was accomplished – twice – I wasn’t sure what followed. I took several months to run easy and wonder where I was going next.

The Run Rabbit Run 100 in 2021, that’s where. With a host of ultra-running friends, I think I always knew that the longer trail distances were a foregone conclusion. Eventually, I’d be swirled into their orbits. Run Rabbit Run is an appropriate challenge. Four years to build and train is an appropriate window. And, sixty seems like a nice round age.

Running is a big part of my life. But, it’s not everything. I’m a husband, father, systems engineer, author, and longtime podcaster. The fact that I can run marathons ultras in my fifties is a little slice of grace that adds to what’s already been an interesting and full life.

I hope you’ll find it interesting, as well.