grainy_profileI’m a runner, engineer and podcaster, living in the beautiful Midwestern US city of Iowa City, IA.

“A Penguin in the Orchard” is a personal blog about baseball, blues, running, gadgets and technology, but the blog title really only exposes my personal technology roots. I’m an author of three books related to Linux. I spent many, many years working and tinkering with Linux and Unix-like technologies. In the past ten years, I’ve become an avid Apple user and fan. I now own an iMac, Macbook Pro, two iPads, an iPhone, Airport Extreme, Apple TV, Apple rechargeable batteries, and have at least four unused iPods in a drawer at home. I love the Unix underpinnings of OSX with its pretty Apple face. You might think that qualifies me for fanboy status. You’d be wrong. I love the way the Apple devices and ecosystem work, but I’m not blind to the hubristic problems of a multinational megalith company.

Then, there’s baseball. I’ve been nearly a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. More than that, I’m a hardcore baseball fan. I was raised to love a sport with a more cerebral, less TV-friendly pace. I was fortunate, in that regard, to grow up with the voices of Jack Buck and Harry Caray in my transistor radio earpiece. I’ve grown to appreciate football more as I’ve grown older, but the summer-long ins and outs of a 162-game baseball season still drive the rhythms of my life as the calendar passes each year.

I’m a running late-bloomer. Though I ran hard for a summer in the mid-1980s, I found the perfect spot on the couch and didn’t run at all until 2010. Today, I’m upwards of 100 200 250 miles per month and absolutely hooked on running. I’ve run four marathons and, in 2014, qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon at 53 years old. I’m thinner, smoke-free and healthier than any man in my family for as many generations as we can trace. So, you’ll find some of that here, as well.

As for blues – I’ve now produced and published more than 500 editions of The Roadhouse, a weekly hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard. I was always a blues fan, but the experience of finding and listening to new blues every week has pushed that love to a whole new level. I fully expect to do another 500 podcasts and, who knows – maybe another 500 beyond that.

So, don’t let the stream of baseball, blues, running, gadgets, and technology overwhelm you. Do like I have: put on some cutoffs, grab a cold beverage, drop into your inner tube, and come along for the ride.