Tough Day

Newton, MA

Subtle signs of a tough day at the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Here’s a photo from last year’s Boston Marathon. At first glance, my step-mom said, “Wow, that’s a good picture.” I thought so, too, when I first looked at it. I look engaged in the race, if a little wiped out. There’s action around me, with other runners. At first blush, it does look to be a pretty good picture.

But, runners will notice those things that bring it crashing down. Yes, there are other runners around me. See those bib numbers? I’m being passed on my right by a guy whose bib number is 9,000 higher than mine. He started at least 20 minutes behind me. And, he appears to be walking. Behind me and to my left – a woman whose bib number is almost 11,000 higher.

Yes, it was a tough day in Boston. All the better reason to make it back for 2017.